Alice in Wonderland: A New Champion was mobile crafting and adventure game on iOS and Android.  A New Champion continued the storyline from Disney’s 2010 Alice in Wonderland movie.  The player was tasked with helping Alice and the other characters restore Underland after the wrath of the Red Queen.

I led the UI/UX team from the projects inception in September 2012, thru it’s launch in September 2013, until November 2013.  The UI/UX team was responsible for wireframing all the features and flows of the game, creating the visual assets of the user interface, and implementing all assets into flash.  I had the added responsibilities of authoring all the user experience specs based on production requirements and documenting all feature changes and suggestions for future game improvements.

On top of leading the UI/UX team, I also took a strong ownership role in the game, participating in all of the feature planning meetings.  I worked closely with all the major stakeholders of the game to define the key features and mechanics of the game, and to create a compelling narrative.

As the UI/UX Lead, many of the visual samples were done in collaboration with other UI designers and artists.