Sparcade is a mobile gaming platform that allows users to play competitive versions of classic games to win virtual currency or real money. As players complete matches, they earn experience points and achievements which feed into a larger meta-game system.

I joined the Skill Games division at GSN Games in June 2015, during the planning and concept phase of Sparcade.  I collaborated with Game Designers and Producers to design and spec out features and ensure that they met key metrics and business needs.  I’d explore multiple directions and wireframe out numerous options based on the spec.  Detailed prototype were created to explore the options, demonstrate and identify potential problems, and to assist in communicating the design to the larger team.

In addition to wireframing and prototyping features, I supported the Art Team in the creation of UI assets and production art for the app.  On those occasions I’d coordinate with the tech artist on the implementation of assets into Unity.

I took a personal interest in user testing the app, and worked closely with the User Insights Team to plan user tests of key features in the app.  I helped document and archive our user test and results, as well kept track of all major issues that arose during user testing.

Interactive Prototypes: