Botkin’s Hidden Cove was an island adventure game that follows Botkin, the beloved bunny from Gnome Town, as he explores the secrets of Hidden Cove.  Players must help Botkin  solve mysteries and unlock new locations in order to save the animals of Hidden Cove from the Evil Witch Doctor.

The game launched in May 2012 as the successor to Gnome Town, but went thru multiple iterations during its live operations.  Hidden Cove started out as a city builder game, with an added hidden object game feature.  The game eventually pivoted to builder only model, and finally to a bubble saga game before it was ultimately sunsetted.

I led the UI/UX team thru the lifetime of the project.  The UI/UX team was responsible for wireframing all the features and flows of the game, creating the visual assets of the user interface, and implementing all assets into flash

As the UI/UX Lead, many of the visual samples were done in collaboration with other UI designers and artists.