Gnome Village was the mobile version of the surprise hit, Gnome Town.  The mobile game required a visual overhaul in order to take into account the mobile user experience, as well as the technical limitations of the platform.  Gnome Village also required a game design change, focusing less on the social interactions, as Facebook had yet to gain a foothold in the mobile game world, and more on the city building aspect.

I spearheaded the UI team’s effort to redesign Gnome Town for the mobile space.  The user interface was simplified in order to maximize space, as well as improve performance.  We also took advantage of 9-sliced assets and game templates in order to optimize file size and download time.  Many features had to be completely altered to utilize the touch interface and lack of hover states and tool tips.

As the UI/UX Lead, many of the visual samples were done in collaboration with other UI designers and artists.