Benjamin Paras

Animator at Disney Interactive | Palo Alto, CA |

I had to great pleasure of working with Emily during my time at Disney Interactive. As UI/UX lead Emily has the unique position to design the look and feel of almost every aspect of our projects. During pre planning and the initial stages of our projects Emily was instrumental in setting the foundation. From a visual stand point she was the first stop for getting things underway and she continued to impress and inspire me through out the handful of project we shared. Emily’s unique skill set allows her lay out quick wire frames with ease and see them out to completion.

Working closely with artist and engineers she has the ability to give amazing feedback weather it be technical or art related. Her knowledge of both allows her give invaluable critiques that can greatly improve the workflow of a project or steer the project away from future disaster. Emily is never afraid to push back when she feels the integrity of the project is threatened, rather than being forceful in her approach she manages to include everyone in the discussion and always brings great solutions to the table.

As an animator is was a blessing to have Emily’s strong artistic eye to lean on when animating UI elements. She is always extremely well organized and her documentation and presentation skills are second to none. When I was tasked with UI animations and I knew I would be working closely with Emily I could rest easy knowing that she would have every aspect of the tasked planned out and ready to go. There is no guess work with Emily, she can always provide precise detailed designs that will bring any project to life. Emily is a force to be reckoned with and any team in need of an expert UI/UX lead should jump at the chance to work with her.