Sorority Life was a social role-playing game on mySpace and Facebook. Sorority Life takes players thru the college Greek scene, allowing them to socialize, earn influence and cash, stock up their wardrobe, and compete against rival sorority sisters.

I was brought onto the team to overhaul the look and feel the game.  Prior to my involvement, the game had a very outdated table-based and text heavy design.  I completely redesigned the interface and layout for the more modern Facebook audience, taking into account visual hierarchy, color, typography and user flow. I drew heavy inspiration from the sorority and fashion theme, designing the inventory page to look like a the interior of a walk-in closet, and the store to look like a fashion boutique.

I worked closely with game designers and producers to restyle existing features, as well as wireframe and design new features. I was in charge of creating the visual assets, and worked side by side with the engineering team to implement the assets.