I’ve worked with Emily for 3 years on several projects. She is a super talented designer who finds the best solutions for the UI. She is able to combine aesthetics and functionality on every single project we worked on. I am amazed how her work complements the art and style of each game which blended seamlessly. She brings energy and positivity to the team which has made my work days at Disney enjoyable. Her advice and input about games is accurate. She is one of our main consultants for the concept, development and design of our projects. I personally consider her… Read More

Samantha Jo - Artist at Disney Interactive

Emily is one of talented and experienced UX/UI designer in Disney Interactive. She is very helpful every time if I have any question regarding designing UI for the game. Her inputs and the contributions to the team is tremendous. I had a great time to work with her. Read More

Wilma Lai - Senior Artist at Disney Interactive

Emily has a wide knowledge of games across multiple platforms and an innate capability to understand the inner workings of a product and continuously improve upon it. No matter what project you put Emily in, you can trust her to enhance its user experience through design and creative user interface. A strong leader and a team player, Emily fosters a conducive, fun working environment for everyone in her team. I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with her on multiple projects as well as utilizing her on an advisory level for various other projects as well. If you’re looking for a diligent,… Read More

Emil Salim - Lead Artist at Disney Interactive

I worked directly with Emily for about 3.5 years at Disney Interactive. We were both founding members of our studio group and worked together on 3 different game projects. Emily is incredibly insightful and passionate about user experience and a very creative individual. She is the first person I would choose when it comes to building a creative team. Her ideas are fun and interesting and she strives to create experiences that meet the needs of product while also make the consumer happy. She has been key in organizing and pushing process within the team, creating specs and workflow… Read More

Jeannine Schafer - Associate Art Director at Disney Interactive

Emily has a vast understanding of UX. She’s an expert when it comes to layout and organizing information and flow for users. Additionally, Emily has a great sense of the big picture of a project and has made significant improvements in optimization of our UI/UX on the projects she’s worked on. She’s easy to work with and a great communicator with a fun but professional personality. I’m always happy working with Emily! Read More

Tamir Nadav - Senior Producer at Disney Interactive

Emily puts everything she has into every product she works on. She digs deeply to understand all aspects of the design. Her iterative process and strong attention to detail consistently deliver a quality user experience. Read More

Sean Dornan-Fish - Senior Director, Creative at Disney Interactive

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